2x Grammy Award Winning Hip Hop Band – Arrested Development
I’ve only seen the vintage photos and ALREADY they are literally the best shots we’ve had in decades! THANK YOU! ~ YOUR ONLY PROBLEM IS – now you’re stuck with us for more shoots in the future!

Vice President, Product Strategy, MFG.com
I have worked with and known Todd McPhetridge for over 10 years while mutually employed with and working at MFG.com. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with Todd on many business plans.

Todd is a remarkably talented marketing professional. He is passionate, dependable, and confident. He is able to conceptualize strategies and concepts and develop the right tactics to make them succeed. Todd is also remarkably balanced – his grasp of messaging, technical platforms, metrics, search engine optimization, and design is stunning.

He is a team player and can be counted on to make something better than when he found it, especially in trying or complex business conditions. His dedication to a shared vision and team principles is beyond reproach.

This letter serves as my highest recommendation for Todd in any business looking to greatly expand its sales, reputation, and market share.

Chief Technology Officer, MFG.com
First, I have to say that Todd is one my favorite individuals that I have had the pleasure to manage. The skills that Todd brings to the table range from design, marketing strategies, and amazing comprehensive knowledge of SEO, just to mention a few.

Todd’s positive attitude and ability to keep calm in pressure packed situations was truly needed during a constant application release cycle. His hard-work, support, and dedication, in so many roles, played a major part in MFG.com’s success. I cannot recommend Todd highly enough.

Vice President of Marketing, ComputerJobs.com
Todd has a strong work ethic and high integrity. He’s reliable, trustworthy and goes out of his way to ensure success. I would love to work with Todd again and highly recommend him as a strong candidate for your team.