Search Engine Optimization Consultant


I am proud to lead the forefront of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) field. My approach is simple: I use holistic principles to create comprehensive SEO solutions to fit your company’s needs. This tailor-made approach allows me to use search engine optimization strategies to complement your site’s design. That way, we can combine accessibility and usability to provide an intuitive and elegant user experience to better engage with visitors and customers alike. It is my goal to optimize your site’s usability while introducing SEO application into the design from the ground up to create the best user experience and increase conversions.

Get a Competitive Edge for Your Company

Increased Performance

Allow me to improve your website’s performance so users can have a smooth and efficient experience.

Optimized Content

I can create perfect pieces for your website and take your content to the next level.

Strong Strategy

Let me craft your next SEO campaign so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Best of Both Worlds: Design and Optimization

What’s the point of owning a website that nobody visits? I can help you get your site to the top of search engine result pages-and get more visitors, turn them into customers, and land more sales. You will get a top-tier e-commerce platform combining my search engine optimization expertise and user-friendly design. It will be the perfect foundation to improve your revenue and increase your profit. The ultimate balance between SEO and UX-that’s my best of both worlds’ strategy.

I Pride Myself on My Passion For All Things SEO
Every product description and on-page optimization I work on are 100% detailed and unique. That way, you’ll get raging results and land the best search engine ranking possible. I’ll work and rework, check and double-check, and test time and time again every aspect and detail of your website until we create the perfect platform for you.

Todd McPhetridge planned and executed on a highly successful search engine optimization program. His knowledge of SEO, ability to work with others, and determination to execute helped propel our company in the search engines, thereby creating dramatically more qualified leads for the sales team. I highly recommend Todd McPhetridge for SEO and design work.
Adam O.