Todd is proud to lead the forefront of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) field. He uses holistic principles to develop a comprehensive SEO solution to fit the needs of any company. His tailor-made approach to optimization is designed to be the perfect complement to the aesthetics of a page by being developed alongside the rest of the site. Aesthetics and ease-of-use are crucial for your business to engage and convert visitors to your site. It is his goal to optimize site functionality while introducing SEO practices into the design from the ground up to create the ultimate user experience and increase online sales.

SEO and User Functionality: Best of Both Worlds
What’s the point in having a meticulously designed website that isn’t getting viewed? He optimizes your website according to the highest standards and latest industry-accepted principles so that it maintains top visibility and a strong presence on Google as well as other search engines. When you combine Todd’s search engine strategies with a user-friendly website you will emerge with a top-tier e-commerce platform, ready to sell to a large client base. It is his “best of both worlds” strategy – the ultimate balance between search optimization and user functionality.

Your Trusted Partner
Todd provides a trusted SEO solution that prides itself on quality and authoritative content. He ensures that each product description, on-page optimization and related details are unique across the entire site for maximum search engine impact and coverage. We’ll comb over every detail of your site and troubleshoot the SEO deficiencies holding you back from success. He will rework, tweak, and re-optimize your site until it becomes a powerful, profitable e-commerce platform.