Old Isn’t Always Gold

There are plenty of marketing agencies still using methods and strategies that belong to the old world. What’s worse is that they use contracts that lock you in for months or years without producing significant and tangible results. In the digital age, a lot has changed in marketing. If you’re chosen agency is not up to date, the better option is to ditch them.

New and Updated for the Digital World

My marketing method is all about streamlining the process to help you achieve your project goals quickly and effectively. It’s also designed to be flexible, allowing new channels to be implemented as the campaign moves forward. Below is the main philosophy of my marketing process.

Craft the perfect message.
Target the perfect audience.
Be precise with the timing.

Building the Right Audience

Building a large but un-targeted audience often leads to a poor investment return. It’s the reason why I highly prioritize bringing the right kind of traffic that will generate the best results. I use my wealth of experience and knowledge to prioritize tasks and execute them carefully with a surgeon-like precision.

High Conversion Rate

Once the right customer is captured and attracted, the next step is to maximize conversion. To increase conversion rates, I formulate the best way to interact with the audience using historical data. The message, content, and products are continuously re-iterated and tested for hard results to improve conversion rates further.

Customer Experience

Another aspect that I’ll be working on to improve sales is the customer experience while using your site. The main task is to make it easy to use and navigate. I’ll be figuring out what works and how to improve the parts that aren’t working.

Increase Sales

The ultimate goal is to increase sales by increasing traffic and then maximizing conversion rates. There are a plethora of problems in each step. It’s my job to diagnose these problems and implement a fix.

I have worked with Todd McPhetridge for the past 7 years and he is not only a pleasure to work with on a personal level, but on a professional level as well. Todd has strong experience relating to online marketing, print design and photography. His dedication and hard work was instrumental in helping increase sales and exposure for both of the companies I have worked with him at. His online marketing knowledge combined with his deep knowledge of how the marketing strategy uses all the elements to succeed is unsurpassed. I would certainly recommend Todd on all levels.
Kimberly Y.