Pay Per Click is known by many names. You may have heard of this as Cost Per Click (CPC), Paid Search Advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Advertising, and Online Advertising. This can really make an impact or be your downfall if not managed appropriately. You don’t have to look far to see incredible horror stories of mishandled Pay Per Click accounts, incurring thousands of dollars or more for companies. When PPC is done well, you will see the results you are looking for: highly targeted customers for the appropriate demographics, annihilate your bounce rate, and see improved conversion for your leads.

It’s not as easy as it looks, and you can’t just put together some keywords and an ad or two and expect results. There’s a science to the madness! The ad message, keywords, landing pages , bounce rate and click thru rate are something that must be carefully studied, measured and altered weekly. There isn’t just one technique: there is an enormous amount of remarkable, innovative methods that can considerably increase your click-thru rate.

Successful Campaigns all Have the Following
– Keyword Discovery
– Campaign Adjustments
– PPC Bid Monitoring
– Ad Copy and Split Testing
– Quality Score Management
– Landing Page Creation
– Remarketing
– Google Shopping
– Local PPC Ads
– PPC Reports and Results

Discovering which clicks are best for your business is the keystone to your PPC campaigns. Todd is one of the best in his field, creating targeted content that increases your results. Improved content makes your exceptional value and competitive advantage to customers more distinct. Todd simply takes the guesswork out of handling campaigns and uses effective management. His method is built on collaboration and together he can work together with you to suit your needs.

Google Shopping Ad Management
Google Shopping Ads usually do much better than other ad types by at least double. The most important way to ensure a winning shopping campaign starts with you and your data feed. Once that is easily managed and optimized, he can take care of the most important details with your shopping campaigns.

He’ll manage your campaign bids to increase sales for your best performing products, while significantly reducing missed spending on products that aren’t converting.

Retargeting Ads
Retargeting, or remarketing, is a powerful tool for E-commerce businesses to generate and develop brand awareness and increase conversions. Retargeting takes your conversions to the next level by turning visitors into buyers.

Campaign Reporting
There’s no guessing, he will keep you informed on what’s going on with your campaign. He will send you a detailed report that breaks down what’s bringing visitors to your site and how each campaign is doing each month. By collaborating, he can fulfill the search engine marketing goals you have for your business. Todd builds PPC campaigns that are aligned with your business goals and objectives.